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Nos métiers

Nos métiers

Our synergy dedicated to your added value

Our global approach and the synergy of our technical resources create added value for our customers.
From the transport of raw materials and components to the distribution of end products, we provide customized, competitive, responsive and qualitative solutions.
Our expertise is built on the strong commitment of our teams and the continuous search for effective technological methods.


Le département transports du groupe GLD qui comprend les entités GLD Transport et CMC by GLD vous apporte des solutions transport en vous garantissant délai, qualité, capacité et compétitivité.

  • Notre flotte comprenant 30 camions et autant de chauffeurs répond aux plus larges types de demandes et de volumes : Tautliners, plateaux, surbaissées, réhaussables, 19 tonnes...

  • Transport navettes inter-sites

  • Transport de lots complets ou partiels

  • Transport régional, national, international

  • Transport de matières dangereuses sous ADR (citerne, vrac)

  • Transports de gros volumes avec remorques extra-surbaissées, porte-char

En tant que commissionnaire de transport, GLD assure la gestion de plans de transport (organisation, planification, réalisation, suivi) pour ses clients via un réseau de sous-traitance en garantissant qualité de service, compétitivité par la mise en oeuvre d'effets de synergie.


Industrial packaging

Industrial packaging requires:

  • Being attentive to your needs

  • Customized solutions

  • Expertise, competencies and technical expertise

  • Reactivity
    Our techniques are tried and tested to ensure the integrity of our products during transport and handling.
    Wherever the delivery point (Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, America) we undertake to respect the specifications of the Union of Industrial Packaging - Syndicat de l'Emballage Industriel (SEI) - of which we are member.
    We take into account: the degree of fragility of the material, the volume/mass ratio, the centre of gravity, the weather conditions, the duration and conditions of storage, the means of transport (air, sea, rail, road) and the handling possibilities on-site.
    You are required to meet shorter and shorter deadlines; our flexible structure and our wide range of resources provides you with the most appropriate solutions.


We design and make the crates and packaging on our premises according to your products and shipping methods :

  • Pallets, wooden stands, cradles and various packaging materials
  • Perforated crates
  • Wooden OSB, CTP crates or wooden planks
  • Special crates with handles, hinges, butterfly latches
  • Wood treated according to standard NIMP 15


A flexible partner, with significant infrastructures adapted to accompany your growth :

  • GLD owns its warehouses and can thus take on long-term commitments and maintain our partnerships
  • GLD has an indoor surface area of 115 000m² and external surface area of 50 000m² to support your needs
  • Our infrastructures, storage areas and means of handling are adapted to the needs of your industrial sector. GLD provides storage services for various sectors including pharmaceutical, food, energy, supermarket distribution, etc...
  • GLD provides flexible storage areas in line with your stock levels
  • GLD brings its expertise for the design of our storage areas, adaptation our storage systems (pallet racks, bulk, cantilevers...) and organisation based on the optimisation of costs, deadlines and quality
  • Analyses of classes A, B, C / obsolescence management / 5S
  • Sites in compliance with AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) guidelines

Flow management

For your requests, we have all the solutions in stock.

  • Supply on behalf of our customers
  • Receipt of your raw materials or end products
  • Quality inspection / Metrology
  • Stock management of raw materials and end products
  • Consignment stock management
  • Order picking
  • Kitting, co-manufacturing, pré-manufacturing, assemblage
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Supply of production lines
  • Shipping management
  • Cross docking
  • Sales administration on behalf of our customers
  • Management of your stocks and flow on external sites or on your premises
  • Development, provision and interfacing of our WMS REFLEX with your production software, so you can monitor your accounts in real-time
  • Drawing up of progress reports and indicators enabling you to monitor the quality of the services
  • Set up of continuous improvement processes (Lean manufacturing, 5S, Kaizen, ...)

Our solutions
- Supply, receipt and storage of raw materials or end products.
- Management of your stock on premises we own or in warehouses made available to us, using any dedicated or mutualised platform
- Development, availability and interfacing with our production flow management software (WMS), so you can monitor your accounts in real-time via the Internet
 - Drawing up of progress reports and indicators enabling you to monitor the quality of the services.
- Set up of a Lean manufacturing approach
- Grouping of stocks from your suppliers on a dedicated platform

Our services
- Supply on behalf of our customers
- Receipt
- Quality control / Metrology
- Stock management of raw materials and end products
- Consignment stock management
- Warehousing / VMI/SMI
- Order picking
- Kitting, co-manufacturing, pre-manufacturing, assembly
- Supply of production lines
- Receipt of end products
- Shipping management
- Cross docking
- Sales administration on behalf of our customers

ZI de la plaine - Route de Saint-Georges-de-Commiers 38560 Champ-sur-Drac - Ph. 04 76 68 68 22 - Fax 04 76 68 86 13 - accueil.gld@gld.fr